At AfrAsia Capital Management, our investment services are designed to suit your unique circumstances and market engagement, ranging from execution advisory and discretionary services. Our open architecture approach enables us to offer diversified investment solutions across a wide range of financial instruments, with a view to providing optimal performance.

investment solution


Looking for flexibility, liquidity and efficient access to global markets with professional expertise? Our open ended CIS Funds provide you all these advantages by investing in a broadly diversified portfolio of asset classes. Our Funds have a solid track record and have been consistent in delivering alpha over time.
As an investor, you will benefit from our team of investment specialists, based locally or abroad, who manage and diversify your money in a transparent manner with a long-term objective to post superior risk-adjusted performance return.

Our range of funds includes:
• ACM Aussie Fund
• ACM European Fund
• ACM India Focus Fund
• ACM High Yield Fund
• ACM Global Equity Fund
• ACM Global Bond Fund
• AfrAsia Partners Fund


Thinking about an innovative approach to investment tailored to your individual needs?

Our structured product desk provides you with bespoke investment opportunities that usually have a fixed term, offer capital protection and a predetermined return on capital, subject to predetermined terms and conditions. We also give you the opportunity to have access to special markets and the ability to benefit out of falling or flat markets. Our structured products are available in multiple major currencies (USD, EUR and GBP) and in MUR.


Step beyond the world of traditional investments. At ACM, we give you the opportunity to enhance the diversification of your portfolio through investments in other asset classes besides equity and fixed income. Our innovative investment culture and global trading platform allows you to have access to:

1)    Hedge Funds
2)    Commodity Funds
3)    Credit Funds


Concerned about retirement? Become part of a life styling investment approach through Horizon My Retirement Plan. Combined with our expertise and experience, Horizon My Retirement is the ideal scheme to cater for your financial
future while taking your retirement lifestyle to new heights. In addition you can also benefit from monthly savings plan through the MUR denominated yield fund.